Do you crave Inner Peace and Emotional Balance?

Do you want to be free from past conditioning, fears and negative beliefs?

Do you want to understand, accept and deeply connect with others?

Do you aim for Peaceful and Joyful relationships?

It’s time to learn the skills that will consistently give you that

MdS - Relationships Coaching

A great therapist will teach you practical,

step-by-step, science-based skills,

to solve your problems.

Hi, I am Maria, and I am here to guide you on this beautiful journey.

What will therapy do for you?

You will understand your attachment disturbances, learn to repair and develop a secure attachment style

You will identify and challenge old beliefs and deal with traumatic memories or past conditioning whish are holding you back

You will learn Nonviolent Communication, so you can drop judgements, shame, blame, and demands. You will build meaningful connections with people around you.

Freedom – a therapy program for individuals aiming for emotional balance

“Bad things do happen; how I respond to them defines my character and the quality of my life.” (Walter Anderson)

Peace & Joy – a therapy program for couples

Couples therapy - Peace & Joy Program

Many couples love each other but they are not skilled enough to make the relationship work.

Yes, it is a skill… and this is good news – you can learn a skill, can’t you?

Me to We – a therapy program for singles

When we misunderstand ourselves and each other, we can unknowingly sabotage a great relationship.

Have you weighted carefully the pros and cons of investing in your emotional health and your relationships?

Investing in a therapeutic program is the best you can do for you and for your loved ones.

Improving your emotional health will bring you more energy, motivation, focus and accomplishment.

It will transform your relationships and improve your general wellbeing and happiness.

Nothing in life can give you the results and value of a few therapy sessions.

As with any good investment you will win on the long term

Do you have any questions?

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