Peace & Joy – Relationship Program for Couples

Peace & Joy relationship Program for Couples

We know how solid, resilient relationships are built and

how troubled relationships are repaired.

Peace & Joy is a 12-step Program for couples in crisis who want to transform their relationship.

Love is not enough

Many couples love each other but they are not skilled enough to make the relationship work. Yes, it is a skill… and this is good news – you can learn a skill, can’t you?

With a correct understanding of our different ways of thinking and feeling, marriage can be a source of joy, support, pleasure, and fulfilment, instead of a potential source of frustration, discouragement, worry, and embarrassment.

Maria da Silva offers couples (or individuals) in crisis a program that has been proven excellent to overcome relationship problems and find the joy and peace they need in their relationships.

Through years of helping couples understand how to get out of their crisis, she created a hugely successful program where you will work at a conscious and unconscious level.

This is a journey of discovery about yourself, your partner and your relationship

When we misunderstand ourselves and each other, we can unknowingly sabotage a great relationship.

What you will learn in the Peace & Joy Program

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Understand where the couple is today and what are the chances of the relationship.

Discovering what is really damaging your relationship.

Understanding your own conditioning and triggers.

Understanding your partner’s “map of the territory”.

Learn how to support your partner and ask for support.

Better communication and dealing with conflict.

Take responsibility for your happiness.

Build trust, respect and security.

Become a team and build a passionate future together.

How important is this for you?

The process of divorce is one of the most stressful events a person can experience

It is more expensive than you may think.

It is emotionally draining and sometimes traumatic.

Some children who go through a divorce have a very difficult time.

Risk of losing contact with your children

New partners can influence your children’s lives and values.

Loneliness and depression.

Health problems (it has been proved that married people live longer, are healthier and wealthier)

 If you are not aware of the reasons your marriage ended there is a significant risk of old patterns being transferred to your new relationships.

Problems we can help with










Who can be helped?

Our clients came from all walks of life and backgrounds, but they all have some common characteristics:

They are in an emotionally aroused state, some feeling lost, frustrated and angry, and some feeling numb, detached and sad.

They want to know if changing their situation and transform their relationship is actually possible.

They are willing to work on themselves and learn new skills in order to rebuild their life.

They are people that finally realized that their emotional wellbeing and their relationship is more important than that expensive car, glamorous holiday or branded shoes.

They care about themselves enough to invest appropriately in their happiness and wellbeing.

They are ready to embark on a wonderful journey of discovery and amazement.

Peace & Joy program for couples is NOT:

Taking sides

Proving the other person wrong


Forcing the other person to change

Criticizing the other person’s character



Ignore the problems

Peace & Joy Program for Couples is:




A way to grow as a person and as a couple

Making changes to improve the relationship

Owning your own mistakes




Maria is currently interviewing couples for a place in her Peace & Joy Program

We only accept a limited number of couples at any one time. So please apply here if you are interested.

This is a specialist service created by Maria da Silva, tailored for each couple and their unique relationship.

It’s focused specifically on helping individuals and couples that could be heading for separation, or a divorce who want to discover if and how it can be avoided.

Before you make up your mind, why don’t you come by for a free introductory session (F2F or online), where we can discuss how this works and whether this is the right approach for you? You can use this link to book a 1/2-hour session.


The program includes 6 individual sessions + 6 couple sessions.

The session duration is 90 minutes.

Investment: £720

You can pay in three instalments if you use PayPal

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