Dating is daunting!

You may have just gotten out of a meaningful relationship or have dated relentlessly and just haven’t found someone with whom you are truly compatible.

You have been dating the same type of people, repeatedly. Finding the same challenges over and over again. Is it you? It is them? Is it your past-conditioning? Should you give up?

Stop asking and learn how to become “the one”.

Me to WE is a six-step dating program for singles who want to become the right person to the right person

Me to We Skills for Dating Program

Becoming “The One”

Some people are single because they choose to be. They are simply not interested in being in a serious relationship at this time in their life. Others are single due to the circumstances of their lives.

Dating can be daunting for many reasons. Finding the right person to have a lovely relationship with is not easy and many of us would benefit from learning some new skills to navigate the dating ocean.

We are all unique. We have individual attachment styles and past conditioning. We have specific expectations that sometimes we cannot understand or make others understand.

Man and women have unique needs and behaviours, which makes it difficult to receive and give the right support.

Many misunderstandings come from different perspectives, different conditioning, and diverse backgrounds. We have “different maps to the same territory”.

When we misunderstand ourselves and each other, we can unknowingly sabotage a great relationship.

The Me to We Skills for Dating program will guide you through a step-by-step process of honouring your uniqueness and gaining clarity about your wishes and expectations.

You will understand the reason you are still single, be it lack clarity, defensiveness, unhealthy attractions, fear of intimacy, pickiness, low self-esteem, expectations, or past trauma.

You will address the pain of being rejected and what you can do about it. Check this article.

You will be able to better appreciate the individual characteristics of other people and embrace your own peculiarities. Only when we understand and are clear about our and others’ needs, we are able to build a loving relationship.

Finally, you will also learn the best way to communicate your needs and get the support you need in a relationship.

People completing the Me to We Program come from different walks of life, all ages and backgrounds.

But they have some things in common:

They are in an emotionally aroused state, some feeling lost, frustrated and angry, and some feeling numb, detached and sad.

They want to understand what is behind their relationship problems and learn how to prevent this in the future

They are willing to work on themselves and learn new skills in order to activate a state of




Problems we can help with

Pain from rejection

Lack of confidence





Dating issues

New relationship issues

What you will learn

Recognize and honour your personal traits and values

Challenge past conditioning and negative beliefs

Relief from past trauma

Be clear about your expectations and needs

Change from a victim mode to an empowered mode

The differences between men’s and women’s needs and behaviours

Better communication skills so you can get what you want.

Set boundaries in a calm and friendly way

Dating red flags

Keep the connection and passion alive

How important is this for you?

Have you thought about the challenges of remaining single?


Social Pressure

Difficulty in raising children alone

Lack of intimacy

Monetary costs (no one to share the rent with)

No one to rely on

No one to share your triumphs and frustrations

Research shows that people in good relationships are healthier, happier, and wealthier

Maria is currently interviewing individuals for a place in her

Me to We Program

We only accept a limited number of individuals at any one time. So please apply here if you are interested.

This is a specialist service created by Maria, tailored for each person, their preferences, background, and style.

We are looking for people who are ready to learn and do what is necessary to become the right person for the right relationship.


Please weigh the pros and cons of investing in your emotional health and your relationships

Have you considered the costs of divorce?

The cost of losing your loved ones?

The costs of your addictions?

The costs of depression, lack of motivation and anxiety?

The costs of insomnia?

The cost of psychosomatic problems like pain, skin diseases, bowel problems, connective tissue diseases, cardiopulmonary disfunctions, tics, etc?

Investing in a therapeutic program is the best you can do for you and your loved ones.

Me to WE program fees (6x 90 min sessions): £330

As with any investment you will win on the long term

We know times are difficult. That’s why we make sure our customers don’t miss the opportunity to get the guidance and support they need and deserve.

Take action

I would like to invite you for an introductory session where we can discuss how this works, if this is the right approach for you and the wonderful possibilities this program entails.

This can be face to face in Stroud or by Zoom anywhere in the world.