Relaxamento muscular progressivo para ansiedade


Progressive Muscle Relaxation – The most effective and rapid way to attain a state of relaxation in your body and in your mind.

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Progressive Muscle Relaxation for Anxiety is a form of therapy that was created by the American physician Edmund Jacobson. It was based on the evidence that physical relaxation can promote mental relaxation and a better health.

Jacobson found that you can relax a muscle by tensing and then releasing it. He also discovered that doing so can relax the mind and improve the general wellbeing. 

Recent research showed that PMR:

Reduces anxiety

Improves sleep

Eases neck, jaw and back pain

Improves systolic blood pressure

Decreases frequency of migraine attacks

To get the most benefits of PMR you can:

  • Set aside 15 to 20 minutes for PMR. Do it in a quiet, comfortable area.
  • Turn off your phone to avoid distractions.
  •  Inhale deeply when you tense your muscles and exhale fully when you relax.
  • Wear loose, lightweight clothing.
  • Practice PMR even when you’re feeling calm, especially in the beginning. This will make it easier to learn the method.
This audio that will guide you through this process. 


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